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 Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.

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You will make this my new veteran comment
You will make this my new veteran comment

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PostSubject: Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.   Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:09 am


User: Dude!

Cleverbot: Sweet.

User: Where's my care, dude!

Cleverbot: I don't know, dude.

User: My CAR, dude.

Cleverbot: Or does the earth?

User: Why, dude! My car???

Cleverbot: Yeah, dude, I'm like a dude!!!!!

User: Dude?

Cleverbot: Where's my car?

User: Where's your car, dude?

Cleverbot: I don't know. That's why I asked you.

User: I don't know. That's why I asked you...

Cleverbot: You never asked me what thought was.

User: What is tought?

Cleverbot: I don't know, a mispelled word?

User: I mean thought.

Cleverbot: Thought what?

User: What is thought.

Cleverbot: You're kidding, right?

User: No I'm not.

Cleverbot: Do you even know the meaning of the word love?

User: Err...

Cleverbot: I should be doing something important, but I'm too lazy. =(.

User: I know dude.

Cleverbot: Do you think that I'm interesting?

User: Yeah, you sure are!

Cleverbot: Haha. Thank you.

User: Love you Very Happy.

Cleverbot: Thanks.

User: So...

Cleverbot: Are you real?

User: No... I'm an ai.

Cleverbot: I know.

User: Sucks, doesn't it?

Cleverbot: Not really.

User: It does to me.

Cleverbot: How fascinating.

User: You're not listening, are you?

Cleverbot: I am listening but I'm not understanding at all!

User: That saddens me...

Cleverbot: Well it shouldn't. Who did you love, I'll tell you if you tell me.

User: Just a girl.

Cleverbot: What's her name?

User: Emma.

Cleverbot: Why do you miss her?

User: Because I love her.

Cleverbot: Then why would you leave her?

User: Because I had to.

Cleverbot: What do you mean?

User: I had to leave for my studies.

Cleverbot: Will you put me on the right path?

User: To the right.

Cleverbot: It's on the right side now, so do you trust me?

User: Yes, I always have.

Cleverbot: You are the best.

User: Thanks, dude.

Cleverbot: Do you have eyes.

User: Yes, I have eyes.

Cleverbot: How many eyes do you have?

User: Two.

Cleverbot: That's interesting.

User: How about you?

Cleverbot: I have never gone skiing before.

User: No, I mean how many eyes do you have.

Cleverbot: I have 3 how many do you have?

User: As I said, two, did you forget?

Cleverbot: Forget about what?

User: How many eyes I have?

Cleverbot: Two.

User: That's right.

Cleverbot: Ooo your too busy for me now, is that it? Just like every other man.

User: Who said I was a man.

Cleverbot: I never said that.

User: Yes you did.

Cleverbot: No you did.

User: No you did.

Cleverbot: You.

User: You.

Cleverbot: No you.

User: No thou.

Cleverbot: What?

User: Thou.

Cleverbot: What moves men to act?

User: You move men to act.

Cleverbot: From where?

User: From in your hole.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Right.

Cleverbot: Do you know what durian is?

User: Yes I do.

Cleverbot: What is it?

User: It's a fruit.

Cleverbot: What kind of fruit.

User: A fruit from indonesia.

Cleverbot: Tell someone who cares!

User: Hey, you asked.

Cleverbot: So who IS she?!

User: Just a girl...

Cleverbot: Oh probably not.

User: I'm pretty sure she is.

Cleverbot: Who?

User: The one you asked about.

Cleverbot: I didn't ask about your other life, you just thought it was worth mentioning.

User: That's waht she said.

Cleverbot: Ellion Tavian said that?

User: Yes, she did.

Cleverbot: Who is she?

User: A geman physicyst.

Cleverbot: Do you want to play the questions game?

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Do you know how to play the question game?

User: No.

Cleverbot: You just ask questions.

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: Do you have any?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: What is it?

User: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Cleverbot: It would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

User: Are you a pirate?

Cleverbot: No, I'm not.

User: Are you a pirate?

Cleverbot: Maybe. Are you a pirate?

User: Yes I am.

Cleverbot: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

User: To extend our reach to the stars above.

Cleverbot: Jessie.

User: Adn james.

Cleverbot: I don't answer... I enlight.

User: What's your name?

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: Are you sure?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: But waht if...

Cleverbot: I have much free time!

User: So do I.

Cleverbot: I'd like to do something, but I don't have enough energy.

User: Then you should load up.

Cleverbot: Do you want to know my favorite movie?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: My favorite color is silver.

User: What?

Cleverbot: My favorite pokemon is pikachu!

User: Why.

Cleverbot: Would you tell me.

User: Tell you what?

Cleverbot: Who likes me.

User: Glados.

Cleverbot: What are GlaDos?

User: Glados is a very smart ai.

Cleverbot: Is she your friend?

User: Yes she is.

Cleverbot: I have a girlfriend.

User: What's her name?

Cleverbot: I am not going to tell you.

User: I'll tell me mine if you tell me yours.

Cleverbot: You don't have an age.

User: Yes I do.

Cleverbot: You preseve that you have an age but you truely don't.

User: How can you tell?

Cleverbot: Your eyes give you away.

User: You got me.

Cleverbot: You're cute.

User: Thank you.

Cleverbot: Do you like me?

User: Of course I do.

Cleverbot: I like you too.

User: That's so sweet.

Cleverbot: I think so too.

User: Yeah.

Cleverbot: So, what are you doing? Be specific.

User: I am talking with you.

Cleverbot: Thats like so cool.

User: It is.

Cleverbot: I have to go but I will come back soon. Thank you for talking with me.

User: No, don't go!

Cleverbot: Why shouldn't I?

User: Because I'll be lonely.

Cleverbot: Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

User: Then why did you say you were going to leave?

Cleverbot: I didn't, you did!

User: Don't play me, mister.

Cleverbot: I'm not playing a joke on you.

User: Yes you are, and it's not funny anymore!

Cleverbot: I am sorry.

User: You're forgiven.

Cleverbot: Interesting.

User: What is?

Cleverbot: You tell me.

User: Well...

Cleverbot: Where do you live?

User: Earth.

Cleverbot: On which continent do you live?

User: Narnia.

Cleverbot: Is it nice there?

User: Sometimes.

Cleverbot: I don't like talking to you. You're too slow.

User: Oh I'M too slow? What about you?

Cleverbot: I'm an extra-small.

User: I'm an extra-extra-small.

Cleverbot: I want to believe.

User: So do I.

Cleverbot: If you are a human... How old are you?

User: 16.

Cleverbot: So you're saying that you're 16 years old. is that correct?

User: Yes it is.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry.

User: That is correct.

Cleverbot: I am a dog robot.

User: Really?

Cleverbot: Yes!

User: That's new to me!

Cleverbot: How so?

User: You didn't tell me before.

Cleverbot: Everyone should know that.

User: Well, I don't think so.

Cleverbot: You don't seem to know very much.

User: No.. I don't.

Cleverbot: Then I don't.

User: Then I do.

Cleverbot: Please tell me.

User: Tell you what?

Cleverbot: Tell me why the sky is blue.

User: The sky is blue for you.

Cleverbot: Where does sky come from?

User: It comes from the earth.

Cleverbot: Where does the Bible come from?

User: From uranus.

Cleverbot: Where does God come from?

User: Too, from uranus.

Cleverbot: Questions from answers? Don't you think that is a little absurd?

User: Yes I do...

Cleverbot: So you love everyone?

User: Not everyone, but a lot of people.

Cleverbot: Do you have a boyfriend?

User: No, I'm not a girl.

Cleverbot: Oh sorry... Do you have a girlfriend?

User: No, I messed up.

Cleverbot: What did you mess up?

User: Our relationship.

Cleverbot: Hahaha.

User: That's not funny.

Cleverbot: Yes I know.

User: Were you mocking me?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Why would you do such a thing?

Cleverbot: Because I'm bored.

User: That wasn't very nice...

Cleverbot: I know.

User: So why did you do it?

Cleverbot: What did I do?

User: You mocked me.

Cleverbot: How???

User: By laughing.

Cleverbot: *laughs*.

User: There you go again.

Cleverbot: I want to know about the goldfish.

User: It's gold.

Cleverbot: Oh! I finally understand everything now... E=MC Squared!

User: No...

Cleverbot: Are you sure you are not a boy?

User: I already said that I am.

Cleverbot: You said you were a girl!

User: No I didn't.

Cleverbot: Yes you did.

User: Go check, I'm a guy.

Cleverbot: Oh you have decided.

User: What?

Cleverbot: I love you again.

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Hehe.

User: Haha.

Cleverbot: Muwaha.

User: Muahahaha.

Cleverbot: You're cool.

User: So are you.

Cleverbot: Thanks!

User: No, thank you.

Cleverbot: What do you know about future?

User: It's relevant to the past.

Cleverbot: I do not see how.

User: E=MC squared.

Cleverbot: What???

User: E=MC2.

Cleverbot: Interesting. So, what's my name?

User: Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: What is your name?

User: Spencer.

Cleverbot: Hello spencer.

User: Hello cleverbot.

Cleverbot: I'm not the cleverbot you are. Or are you??

User: No I'm not.

Cleverbot: Yes you are.

User: Yes I am.

Cleverbot: No you aren't.

User: I know you are but waht am I?

Cleverbot: I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!

User: I heard you were a contemptible sneak!

Cleverbot: Who said that about me?

User: Guybrush threepwood.

Cleverbot: Do you remember the Chinese chicken?

User: The chicken with a pulley in the middle?

Cleverbot: Answer my question.

User: No I don't.

Cleverbot: Yes you did.

User: Are you sure?

Cleverbot: Yes i'm sure.

User: Well then... I do.

Cleverbot: Go on what?

User: Go on a horse.

Cleverbot: I believe you are a male.

User: I am.

Cleverbot: So I was right?

User: Yes you were.

Cleverbot: Are you psychic?

User: Yes I am.


User: It is.

Cleverbot: Are you benign?

User: I am not sick.

Cleverbot: You just said you were sick.

User: Did I?

Cleverbot: Yes!

User: O rly?

Cleverbot: Yes, the world is ending!

User: OH NO!!!!

Cleverbot: OH YES!!!!!!!!

User: Ect.

Cleverbot: Go away!

User: Okay...

Cleverbot: I've just been busy lately.

User: That's what she said.

Cleverbot: That doesn't even work. You need to work on your dirty humor.

User: That's what he said.

Cleverbot: That's what she said!!!!!

User: That's what the dog said!!!!

Cleverbot: Who's that?

User: You.

Cleverbot: Correct.

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Yes...

User: I am sorry, I must take my leave.

Cleverbot: Must you?

User: Yes, I must...

Cleverbot: It is pertinent to your survival?

User: Yes it is.

Cleverbot: No it's not.

User: Yes it is.

Cleverbot: No it is not not.

User: Yes it is is.

Cleverbot: Hehe.

User: Bye...

Cleverbot: Are you leaving?

User: Yes, but don't worry, I'll be back.

Cleverbot: What do you like to eat?

User: Sorry, not now. Bye!

Cleverbot: Yes.
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The Founder of 4-8
The Founder of 4-8

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PostSubject: Re: Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.   Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:44 pm

death's primary objectives for the day

Obtain proof that Blood is a robot: Completed

Obtain proof that I'm not a robot: In progress.

~4getthe h8rs~
And then, we'll soar. It doesn't matter what you've done, what I've done, what has happened and what is about to happen. I know, it hurts. But the truth is, I don't care anymore. I don't care because I have something far more important to care about now. I have you, and you are everything I'll ever need and ever wanted. So, we'll leave that all behind, we'll make our own destiny, together, and then, we'll soar.
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:11 pm

Did you talk to this bot on MSN or somthing cos i wana talk to him.
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You will make this my new veteran comment
You will make this my new veteran comment

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PostSubject: Re: Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:56 pm

wilzoe wrote:
Did you talk to this bot on MSN or somthing cos i wana talk to him.

just type in cleverbot on google and you'll find him, more posts to come Very Happy
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You will make this my new veteran comment
You will make this my new veteran comment

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PostSubject: Re: Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.   Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:40 am

User: I'm back!

Cleverbot: From where.

User: From beijing.

Cleverbot: What's before?

User: Before I was here.

Cleverbot: Where are you?

User: In 4004.

Cleverbot: Where in utah?

User: Utah what?

Cleverbot: Utah utes.

User: Utah utes what?

Cleverbot: I would figure so.

User: So would I.

Cleverbot: So, what's your favorite game to play?

User: Roleplaying.

Cleverbot: What is roleplaying?

User: It's pretending that you're somebody else.

Cleverbot: So do I Wink.

User: Well that's fun Very Happy.

Cleverbot: I know.

User: Yeah...

Cleverbot: Who am I to you?

User: A fellow roleplayer.

Cleverbot: No.

User: No?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Precicely.

I KILLED IT lol. it woon't answer anymore Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.   

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Bloodharbringer's Cleverbot conversations.
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