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 Imagine this...

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You will make this my new veteran comment
You will make this my new veteran comment

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PostSubject: Imagine this...   Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:01 am

a fancy restaurant full of H-Hatsu yakuza members talking about how they're gonna pay their "respects" the shi-hatsu clan...
suddenly the front door explodes in a big cloud of dust and gunfire emits from the shadows, killing most of the H-Hatsu clanspeople, there is blood everywhere, and there is not too much longer to wait until all of them are dead.
except for the leader, cowering in fear in a random corner of the restaurant...
close up to his eyes, a reflection of 3 men walking out of the shadows, as he sees their faces, the music starts to play...

walking in style, looking right at the clanmaster's face with a misguided smirk, is Death, leader of the shi-hatsu clan, as he approaches the clanleader and holds a .44 revolver under his face, and pulls the trigger...

to be continued if you want Very Happy

this was fun, i could go on alot more, but i really need to take a shower lol.
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Imagine this...
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