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 The BEST Frag Movies of CoD4

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PostSubject: The BEST Frag Movies of CoD4   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:25 pm

Disclaimer : This in only including Frag movies recorded on Call of Duty 4 PC PROMOD or PAM4 Gameplay 5v5 Competitive gameplay. This features no pub, console or anything of the sort. This means alot of great Montages/pub gameplay will not be posted here.

Honorable Mention. Carbon - BenXL

Featuring a fantastic selection of music, creative and smart editing and great frags from the fag that is, Jami3xx. Carbon was released early 2010 and was instantly one of the greatest frag movies ever released. BenXL's hard work is clearly seen in the movies art direction with the purple/black/white/grey themes and the Movie config is one the best ever used. The sync was done perfectly going at a rocking pace with Watercolour by pendulum and the transitions are among the best ever seen in CoD4's history. The only complaint i have with this movie is that all the frags are done by Jammi3xx Who is now a known WH but at the time it's believed that these frags were legit. Atleast some of them anyway.

Original thread on TEK-9

Number 5. LAX - rna

The chilling style of LAX is instantly heard instantly with the music and the editing style is one of a kind. The graphic style of LAX is in alot of peoples opinions, the greatest seen in any frag movie. The butterfly effects, killfeed, EXP Counters are perfected. Even today the editing stlye of LAX has never really been attempted by other editors which gives the movie a certain uniqueness that alot of others lack. Prize? AMD Phenom™️ II X4 940 3GHz Socket AM2 (RRP €130) + honorary spot in TEK9Cinema.

Thread on Buttonbashers

Number 4. Suspension of Disbelief - Katha

Its safe to say that Katha is one of the best editors of any game ever. Not even the best editors can watch his content and not wonder how he managed to do some of the things he does. Kathas style has been attempted by many and is clearly an inspiration to many editors with many of his editing techniques being replicated into other fragmovies/montages. SoD is the final movie by Elad and his "goodbye" but as we know you can hardly believe a word the guy says. it may seem low giving SoD only 4th place since even at this date where most editing ideas are running out this movie keeps new ideas going such as the hands touching the walls and the 3D work is simply amazing on the bomb in vacant but i strongly believe others revolutionized the Community more than this.

Original thread on ButtonBashers

Number 3. Stevy 9 Lives - Phonic9

"Stevy - 9Lives".
You will witness the most amazing scope-shots against Europe's top-teams accompanied by energetic music.
- I had to restart the movie once, because my HDD failed. I was at around 65% completion aswell.
- It took me about 1 hour to record 10 seconds worth of ingame footage.
- I used up 562GB of HDD space creating the movie.
- It took me 14 hours to render the final version.
- I have been unable to render the final version for over a week, because I've only been getting black screens - I reinstalled all the codecs to get it working!

Perhaps the most influential frag movie in CoD History. Stevy 9 lives revolutionized the community, not only in editing but also in gameplay. The famous "Stevy spot" was born from the massive ammount of viewers who saw his Strike strategy from 9 lives. Considered by many to be the greatest movie in CoD's history, 9 lives to date has arguably the best gameplay ever seen from a scope who is now widely regarded as the best CoD4 player, Stevy. Watching the killfeeds in 9 lives shows Stevys massive frags against the best of the best. Phantasy, D1ablo, Mazarini, Paradox, Qlimazxu, All have felt prey to this scope and 9 lives is Stevy at his best. Watch as Stevy again and again carrys TEK9 in 9 lives earning him a place in Fnatic.

Original thread on TEK-9

Number 2. Play With Soul - Mazarini

It's going to be a heated exchange i believe between the two SMG players.

Play with Soul. Originally started in 2009, Mazarini spent years on the movie until finally when completed in Summer of 2009, deleted the final result as it wasn't good enough. Maza instead decided to make PWS the "perfect" edit and include a story line which resembled what happened with him and his former team mate, paradox. Throughout the movie, Maza and Paradox are shown as Marine Assault and Scope characters fighting OPfor until the end where Paradox stabs maza in the back. I actually had this confirmed by mazarini himself in a live stream when i asked him the reason for this. He told the viewers that PWS is about when Maza was dropped from the team when he questioned the cocky and arrogant attitudes of his teamates Paradox and Luboshmir and suddenly during a LAN was dropped from the team. The end shows Maza's hand move implying he would return. The editing style of Play with Soul is effect heavy and ranges depending on the song and different parts of the movie have different themes. Overall the movie has dark colours and a dark CFG and even the photos of the players are chosen specifically with them both looking tired and worn out to add to the dark nature of the movie.

Original thread on ButtonBashers

Hit the road Jack.

Number 1. Jailbait - Katha

It's back.

Jailbait. It only could be. The movie has stood the test of the time going strong after nearly two and half years. The movie had massive expectations after Kathas last entry, She looked 16 won movie of the year in 2009. Peoples expectations were shattered with Jailbait far surpassing She looked 16. Jailbait introduced 3D and Motion design to the CoD4 Scene and even today, to many editors use these techniques in the awful ways by just going over the top with 3d and having extremely unprofessional looking animations. The atmosphere of Jailbait is what truly wins it the award, no other movie has the same atmosphere jailbait has to it with the immersive editing and the soundtrack produced specially by REDROSID - Disorder backwards specifically for the movie. Both Katha and REDROSID set out to create a perfect film and score to go with it and achieved their goal. Jailbait is the finest work seen in the CoD Scene.

Original Thread

We dont give a *censored*' damn.

Elad 'Katha' Naim

Honorable Mentions -

Beware of Sharks - swl
qLimAxzU Overused - Muxed
Retrospect - Shyr
Beyond - Mazarini
She looked 16 - Katha

Post your favourites below Very Happy

Know your roots

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PostSubject: Re: The BEST Frag Movies of CoD4   Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:07 pm

Best in ages by far.
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The BEST Frag Movies of CoD4
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