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 My First World Record!

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PostSubject: My First World Record!   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:45 am

Now before I say anything, yes, I do know that Rock of Ages is a PSN game, so less people play it, therefore a world record is much easier in it than a more popular game like Motorstorm. I will make the argument that the guy who held the record previous has many #1 scores in the game, so he is a pro and it is a privilege to put myself on the same level as him. But, let me give you some history:

When I first bought a PS3, I got the same game that most people got with the system which was Motorstorm. I didn't play very many racing games up to that point, besides the old Need For Speed games on PS1, so when I put up a #5 global time it's safe to say that I was uber thrilled. Ever since then, I've always though it would be incredible to get the #1 score in something, anything. Just to say that I did something better than everybody else in the world was a dream for me.

Fast forward a bit to Mirror's Edge. I bought the game because it was unique, and tried out the time trial once or twice just to check it out. Then came that faithful day I played the time trials again because I was bored and hit a #8 global time. After that, I started to take time running seriously, and hit a #7, a #10, and then finally a #4. When I hit that #4, I figured that was my limit. I never thought I'd do any better than that, and I put that time on a shelf in my brain to come back to and cherish. My dreams of being #1 were still there, but I had come to the realization that it would most likely never happen.

And then came Rock of Ages. A silly game that I thought I pretty much sucked at. I did the time trials for the trophies, and didn't even know there was a leaderboard until I stumbled upon it in the menu. Then I did the Rome level, and realized I was quite good at it. The #3 score I hit wasn't even a real attempt, I was just trying to get the gold medal for the trophy. When I realized I had completely crushed the time needed to get the trophy, I decided to check the leaderboards and saw that my time was posted at #3. When I saw that, two things rushed through my head: 1. Holy crap, I beat my #4 score in Mirror's Edge, and 2. I CAN TOTALLY DO BETTER!! So I went back and started practicing, hit a #2 score, kept practicing, and finally hit my #1 score. All my dreams had come true in that moment, and not only did I post a #1 score but I beat it 2 more times and crushed the previous leader!

So, that's my story, take it or leave it, but I had fun telling it Wink

~4getthe h8rs~
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PostSubject: Re: My First World Record!   Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:44 pm

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My First World Record!
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