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 Revolution Is Here!

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PostSubject: Revolution Is Here!   Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:35 pm

Revolution DLC: 9 out of 10 (haven't tried the zombie maps yet but I've heard they are good)

The peacekeeper is awesome, and I'm glad somebody FINALLY decided to add weapons to the game (only took them 8082924 years to figure that one out). I've been saying it since CoD4. Adding a gun adds so much more play-ability, plus all the challenges that are automatically added, titles, camos, etc.

Also, the maps are good. Really good. It's like right before they made the maps they played Vacant a hundred times. Barely any verticals, tight corners, small passageways, I love it all. And Grind is just like the coolest map ever. WACKY WAVING INFLATABLE ARM FLAILING TUBE MAN

I give it a 9 just because I still think more could be done to CoD DLC. I mean there was a lot in this one, so I'll give them that. It is certainly better than old CoD DLCS. Here's a few maps that only kids who paid for can play. That's it. Moneymoneymoneymoney

I do wish theyd throw in like a huge array of random ridiculous titles, avatars, camos, etc. I mean it can't be hard to do. And give us customizable clan tags, or name colors, or characters. CoD has still to have any type of character editing (other than face paint in Bops). Halo has it, hell even Uncharted has it. Let me put a spinny hat on my guy or something. Have a girl character? Hell even a change in camo attire would be cool.

So that's how it is.

~4getthe h8rs~
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Revolution Is Here!
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