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 4-8Update 11/5/13

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PostSubject: 4-8Update 11/5/13   Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:00 am

Tis the season fellas!

As we move towards the holiday season, I can't help but feel like my life has already been so blessed that I feel Christmas is just overdoing it. Sure, this past month has been a very tough month, full of hardships for both Mike and I, but we have come out of the other side stronger and even more motivated than ever before. And this month, well, we're turning up the heat, but figuratively and literally.

The true hero here is MADMike, who through very hard times has come out a champion with not one, not two, but three brand new series for the channel. GTA Thursdays is already a hit, Hotline Miami is absolutely hysterical, and Batman: Arkham Origins is quickly taking off with the fanbase already established with Batman GOTY. Mike says he will continue working on these 3 series as well as Madden every week, with Fallout in the background.

And then there's me. Well, I'm not going to lie, life has not been as tough for me as it has been just busy. With wedding plans, work being tougher than ever, and a particularly nasty school month, I haven't had time to devote to what it is I want to do. However, this past week I have worked every free hour on one of the most time consuming videos I have ever created and a sequel to the most popular video on the channel right now. That video is hopefully going up today.

As for the future, my goal is to finish Megaman 7 and jump into Megaman 8 as quick as possible. I want to finish the Megaman series soon, and focus all of my attention on Doom 3. Once Doom 3 is done, I can start the Let's Play series I have always wanted to do, which will take all of 2014, 2015, and maybe 2016 to complete. While that's going on, my plan is to create videos based off of what is requested. If God of War stuff is getting watched and liked, I will make a new God of War video, and so on. I think I will be focusing more on tutorial stuff, but in the background I'd like to complete NSGNSNO and maybe even start a new challenge.

Finally, coming up in the holiday season we will be starting a charity mission that should run all through 2014 and possibly beyond. We are going to need your support more than ever!

Thanks to anybody reading this, and we hope your holiday season is full of joy!

<3 death

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And then, we'll soar. It doesn't matter what you've done, what I've done, what has happened and what is about to happen. I know, it hurts. But the truth is, I don't care anymore. I don't care because I have something far more important to care about now. I have you, and you are everything I'll ever need and ever wanted. So, we'll leave that all behind, we'll make our own destiny, together, and then, we'll soar.
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4-8Update 11/5/13
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