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 Destiny 2-Man Flawless Raider

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PostSubject: Destiny 2-Man Flawless Raider   Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:59 am

I recently uploaded a video of the Destiny Platinum, and YouTube doesn't have a big enough description box to explain how our 2-man flawless raider worked so I had to post it here. Enjoy.


Okay, so flawless raider. I've seen many people attempt it with a huge party, and it never works because somebody will always die. So Zaph and I decided to create a setup for a two person crota raid that is extremely safe. Basically it works like this:

We did this with a hunter and a titan. Realistically two titans should be fine. Warlocks are useless.

Part 1: The hunter waits at the start and the titan does the cheese where you stand on the second lamp and jump up the surrounding wall. Once the titan gets up the wall nothing will spawn and the titan can run all the way to the bridge. Once the bridge starts he jumps to the tall rock by the bridge and snipes out the ogres. Now he is safe. The hunter can now walk through the entire lamp section and nothing will spawn. Once the bridge is built the titan can run across, and the hunter can go invisible and run across.

Part 2: There's a really easy way to do this if you both do the cheese where you jump to the very top and despawn all of the enemies, but it took me forever to do that with the hunter's stupid triple jump and we wanted to make this as quick as possible so we could put in many attempts in a short period of time, so instead we got me across the legit way, and then i stood to the left behind the little pillar and went invisible. As long as you stay invisible and never shoot a bullet, the enemies will never aggro you, but if you shoot a single bullet they will aggro you the entire time and usually one of the ogres will come and knock you off. So don't shoot and let the titan do the cheese and snipe everything out.

Part 3: The hallway is stupid easy with a hunter, just go invisible and run across. Once you fall down the pit the enemies despawn and the titan can walk through. The deathsinger takes a lot of strategy. First you two split up and pull out the wizards from either side, then meet in the middle where crota stands and take out each wizard together. Then split up again, go back in and take out the shriekers with gjallarhorn shots. Now you have some down time before the deathsinger starts her song, so clear out some nights on the left side. Once she begins to sing charge the left side and have your titan put down a shield while wearing the spartan helmet to blind enemies. Since all the enemies here are melee based, every one of them will run into the shield, get blinded, and not attack at all. So pop in and out of the shield and shoot heavy at the singer until she is dead, then book it and slowly take out ALL of the enemies, making sure they are all dead before you start crota.

Crota: This is the part that I recommend you do whatever works for you. We made the beginning safe and quick so you can get many attempts on crota in a single night (each attempt lasts about half an hour). We decided to go with a very safe strategy. The hunter stands in front of the glass where he is completely safe and helps the titan take out the swordbearer. The titan then goes to the rock on the right, drop the sword and says "fire". The hunter then fires his gjallarhorn and by the time it reaches crota the titan should have pulled out his gjallarhorn and fired too. The titan then picks up the sword and jumps in. The titan can also pop a bubble if crota is agro-ing him on the rock. Now through all of the runs we did there's really only two things that can kill the titan, a random cursed thrall blowing up next to the sword, which doesn't happen often, and the boomers. The boomers are really the only big problem, if they agro the titan you may die and have to start over, if they don't you'll probably win with this strategy. The hunter can shoot the nights while the titan is hitting crota and this will usually help, and he can also kill one but do not kill both or else the third night will spawn and jump onto the bridge. The other big thing that helped was using multiple swords. When we started this we tried to pop crota as quick as possible, but we realized that using the first sword twice and then using every other sword only once is the way to go. That second attempt with the same sword almost always agros the boomers and causes problems. In fact on our third sword Zaph asked if he should go for it, and by the time he said that I already noticed the boomers agro-ing him and yelled ABORT! So yeah, go slow, use each sword after the first one once, and you'll be fine.

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Destiny 2-Man Flawless Raider
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