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 My Holiday At Camp

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PostSubject: My Holiday At Camp   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:39 pm

Well my mum signed me up for a easter camp and we drived there it was a 3 hour drive and when we got to this area it was a school type thing and we came to the main school and met some people to talk about stuff about the camp and went to this bungalow type thing but it went 2 down levels and i met some people who would be looking after the young campers ( names will be told after you read a little ) and so i went down 2 levels and came to my room which i would be sharing with somone so the people got me to pack all my clothes in the draws so i did and then went up the stairs and more people showed up.



Camper - Campers are the young people staying in this house between age 9 - 14.

Me Age: 13
Bradley Age: 12
Lewis Age: 13 - 14
Max Age: 14
Robbie Age: 10
Matt Age: 11


Volunteers - The volunteers were the people who volunteeied to look after the young campers.

Ben ( Green Team Leader ) Age: Unknown
Anya ( Girl ) Age: Unknown
Leah ( Girl ) Age: 24
Peter Age: 25
Duncan Age: Unknown
Jammy ( Boy ) Age: 35
Richard Age: Unknown

So we was the Green Team and yes there was other teams like.....

Purple Girls
Blue Boys
Blue Girls
Orange Boys 1
Orange Boys 2
Orange Boys 3
Orange Girls 1
Orange Girls 2
and finally Green Girls


We done all sorts of activities we done....

Rock Climbing
Technology ( Wood Work )
Silent Time ( We went back to our houses and had a nap in our room or just do somthing else in our rooms)
Afternoon Stuff ( We went to a type of hall and we done a talent show for volunteers then next talent shows for camper or a disco )
Carnival ( The volunteers made a miniture carvinal thing where we had silly stuff and for fun )
Cabin Time ( We went in our house thing and went to a silent room and discussed what we like about the day and random questions and one game )
Missions ( We done missions what the other teams didnt do which were fun and funny )
Camp Songs ( We sang camps songs which were really funny )
Art And Crafts

All this stuff was fun as hell really.


Thought the holiday Peter got a apple from the cafitera and said he is going to save it till the last day at dinner time and eat it so thoughout that we called it '' the apple '' which we throwed around and got bruced and rotten and after as soon as peter go the apple got the apple the whole green team started getting them at all the time we got to the cafitera.


All the food was amazing we had.......

And sorts of snack time to time.


At dinner me and peter standed up on a chair and ate '' the apple '' what was all rotten and bruced and the whole camp went '' ewww ''.

On the last day we was going to a closing ceremony where we got jumpers and picture of your team and the whole camp and we saw pics of people doing the activities and other stuff which was fun and funny then went to video's of me doing some back flips and other funny ones.

After dinner me and peter wanted to bury '' the apple '' and the other campers in my team came too and we found a greek theatre ruin and muck around there and then the other volunteers came and we all sat on the grass and done a cabin chat there and we dug a hole for '' the apple '' and put candles in and then first we throwed a ball of string around and made it into a spider web and has we throwed it we said somthing you like about that person then we cut them and made wrist bands out of them and ben said these will keep us all connected in a way and if you always feel down we look at the band and think about camp then after that we written down your own wish and throwed it in the hole and set the candle a light and burnt the wishes and crumated '' the apple '' after we bitten it then we was all emotional and went back to the house and went to bed then next day went to are real homes.

But the whole experience was amazing and i loved it.

thx for reading.
Very Happy

p.s. i also talk about you lot too.
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The Founder of 4-8

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PostSubject: Re: My Holiday At Camp   Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:34 pm

Sounds fun, glad you had a blast Smile

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PostSubject: Re: My Holiday At Camp   Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:38 am

Thank you i did but i really miss it i might be going again next year.
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PostSubject: Re: My Holiday At Camp   

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My Holiday At Camp
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